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Wealth Management Overview

As a leading investment boutique with over 170 years experience Laidlaw & Company ® is dedicated to providing independent and transparent investment advice, a broad array of traditional and alternative investment solutions and world class client service to high net worth individuals and institutional clients.

Portfolio Management

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, Laidlaw Asset Management seeks to preserve our client’s capital through diversification. We believe that asset allocation and security selection are the most important determinants of investment performance.
By allocating our client’s investment dollars across a carefully chosen mix of asset classes, we aim to help you maximize your return potential while managing your exposure to investment risk.

Financial Planning

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, Laidlaw Asset Management works with our clients to develop a personally tailored and comprehensive approach to their financial life goals. Laidlaw brings together and streamlines financial planning, investment management, risk management and estate planning services into one efficient and transparent process.

Our mission is to manage, grow and preserve the wealth of our worldwide base of high net worth clients with premium investment solutions and services.