The Laidlaw Private Equity ‘Private Stakes’ Program

As companies wait longer for an IPO or other liquidity events, the need for alternative liquidity opportunities for employees and ex-employees grows

  • An evolving landscape for private share transactions whereby our proprietary funds identify and enter into contracts with existing stakeholders to facilitate a transfer of private stock from the stakeholder to our funds subject to the approval of the issuer

  • Provides qualified investors access to an asset class not typically available to them

  • Qualified investors must have long-term objectives the ability to sustain both a lack of liquidity and almost no issuer transparency

  • Mutually beneficial access to investment opportunities and financial liquidity from a ‘stakeholders-only’ group of Issuers, on the one hand and an exclusive ‘members-only’ cadre of qualified investors, on the other hand

  • Because Issuers, on average, are staying private longer, a larger amount of value captured in private over public markets

  • The SPVs strategically ‘target’ a limited number of portfolio securities in each vehicle with the goal of providing a shorter investment and liquidity horizon than typical private equity and venture capital funds